Lateral Transfer Policy

The City of West Lake Hills is currently accepting applications for the lateral transfer program for certified Police Officers with a minimum of 2 years (24 months) experience. This program allows experienced police officers from other agencies to apply for the West Lake Hills Police Department at a commensurate salary.

Lateral Transfers

Starting salary for qualified candidates:

Police Officer2 years experience$66,456
Police Officer3 years experience$69,056
Police Officer4 years experience$71,552
Police Officer5 years experience$74,256
Police Officer6 years experience$77,064
Police Officer7+ years experience$79,768

Minimum Requirements for Lateral Transfer Program

  • Candidates must have a minimum of two years paid full-time experience as a certified Texas Peace Officer or similar time with a municipal police agency in another state.
  • Must currently be a Texas Peace Officer.
  • Must have had no more than a 90-day break in service from the time they left a comparable law enforcement agency and the time they make application with the West Lake Hills Police Department.
  • Must have been in a position where they had the authority to enforce laws, investigate crimes, make arrests, respond to calls for service, carry a firearm, and use discretion as part of their assigned duties
  • Applicants are eligible for a starting salary based on whole years of police experience. Service time, for determining the starting salary, can include multiple agencies if breaks in service are less than thirty days and all previous agencies meet the required criteria.
  • Must successfully complete each step in the hiring process in the same manner as any other applicant.
  • The Chief of Police and City Administrator shall make the final determination regarding qualifications of candidates for the Police Lateral Transfer Program.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Recruiting.