Tree & Vegetation Removal

For several decades, the City of West Lake Hills has had various ordinances in effect regulating the removal of trees and vegetation in order "to promote and enhance a superior community environment, to maintain the rural character, to maintain air quality and ecologic balance, to maintain property values, and to ensure the maximum preservation of the valuable natural features and scenic rural/wooded character." 

Tree Removal Requirements

Development Tree Application

List of Arborists / Tree Trimmers / Brush Pickup Contractors

Tree Maintenance Application

Tree & Brush Removal Policy

As a reminder, no trees or vegetation may be removed from any property without a permit except for:

  1. When the vegetation removal is considered common household gardening or ground care
  2. When removing dead branches or pruning a single live tree
  3. When removing existing piles of dead brush or dead vegetation

All other removal of vegetation requires a permit. In maintenance cases,  the permit is free. However, before removing any dead wood or live trees from your property, please contact Alex Sanchez at 512-610-6836  in order to secure a permit and to assist with coordinating your project with others in your area. The West Lake Hills City Code requires you to remove all dead wood (i.e., dead bamboo, dead jasmine, piles of dead branches, and stacks of old firewood).

The City encourages property owners to hire a qualified contractor to conduct large-scale vegetation removal or tree trimming. The City does not endorse any specific contractors, but have a list of businesses who completed training with the City arborist regarding the City’s very specific vegetation removal requirements.

For more information regarding tree and vegetation regulations and requirements, visit Section 22.03.304 of the City of West Lake Hills Code of Ordinances.