Department Policies

The West Lake Hills Police Department provides online access to department policies that are of interest to our community. This is part of our ongoing efforts to be open, accessible, and accountable to the community we serve. We believe that this information will assist you to better evaluate our department and understand the actions taken by our officers. These policies are driven by best practices in law enforcement, legal updates, and applicable court decisions.  The policies are reviewed on a regular basis and updated as needed.  It is not possible to anticipate every situation that may arise or to prescribe a specific course of action in each scenario that officers will face. However, these policies are the guidelines that govern our officers’ actions. We also expect all officers to exercise common sense and good judgement.

We appreciate the amazing support we get from the West Lake Hills community each and every day.  Your feedback is also important - if you have a commendation or complaint, please click on this link - feedback - to submit it.

If you have comments or concerns regarding anything on this page, please reach out to me:

Chief Scott Gerdes
West Lake Hills Police Department
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