Boards & Commissions

Becoming a Member

Each board or commission member is selected by the City Council after applications are processed and interviews are completed. Qualifications for serving on a board or commission requires an interest in the specific workings of the board or commission, and, in some cases, more specific qualifications regarding knowledge or licensing in a specific field. The city encourages all residents to apply.

To apply to become a member, please submit an application to the City Secretary.

About the Boards & Commissions

The City of West Lake Hills' boards and commissions are made up of concerned citizens who wish to make a difference in their community by volunteering their time and knowledge. Many of these groups serve as advisory boards, examining issues in depth, such as planning and zoning, and making recommendations to the City Council. Others hear requests from citizens on variances from city ordinances and make decisions on whether they will be allowed. The work these citizens do assists the council and contributes to the quality of life enjoyed by both residential and corporate citizens.

More specific information can be found on each of the board and commission pages.